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  "The Historic Cabin Improvement project was completed by W.J. Gross, Inc. during the fall of 2009. This is a thank you letter for a job well done. The project was completed on time and on budget in spite of a very aggressive schedule
   There are always issues that arise during construction particularly on a building this old and these issues were dealt with promptly, competently and honestly. The professionalism of the supervision and workmanship of all personnel were exceptional. 
   The Borough of Haddon Heights is pleased with this project. Thanks again for a job well done "

-Richard W. Lipko
-Robert A Callaway

Walnut Street School Demo & Renovations
Architect: Garrison Architects- Frank DeFranco 856-396-6200

Indian Mills Elementary School
Architect: The Design Collaborative 609-465-4111

Washington Twp. H.S. Science Labs
Architect: McKernan Architect 856-616-2960

Oak and Laurel Exterior Repairs
Architect: TBS Services Inc. 856-547-6250Architect: TBS - Brian Anderson-  856-547-6250

Rio Grande Ave Boardwalk Entry
Architect: Remington, Vernick & Walberg 609-522-5150

The Black Horse Pike Regional School District Admin. Office
Architect: Gloucester County Vocational Tech School District95-7411

Avalon Veterans Plaza

Rowan University Grandstand
Architect: Clarke Caton Hintz  609-883-8383Architect: Clark Caton Hintz - 609-883-8383

Burlington County Fire Training Building
Architect: The Vaughn Collaboative 609-695-7411Architect: The Vaughn Collabrative - 609-695-7411

East Greenwich Twp. Park & Recreations 
Concession Stands / Restrooms
Architect: Remington & Vernick  856-795-9595


    "As with many construction projects, we were presented with varied challanges.  A demanding schedule and a need for the Client to maintain use of the facilities were of prime concern. Your personal attention and committment has certainly been a contributing factor in bringing us to a successful completion." 

Josef Bruder, R.A., T.V.C.

Good morning Bill,

"I just happened to be walking by the steps that you repaired sometime in the not distant past. (see photo) I have a habit of checking on things I have done around the facility to make sure they are getting the proper amount of service for the amount of money and or time spent.  It's a way of determining the value of our contractors. 
 I have to say.  I'm as impressed by this job the W.J. Gross did now as i was when you first did it.  This repair is not only functional but its also a thing of beauty.  I'm well aware of the corner that was broken off and the brickface that had failed.

I Wish all my contractors were up to the par level that W.J. Gross has set in the various works you have done around our Wash. Twp. Campus. If this were the case my job would be much more stress free.
So, In closing, I'd like to thank you and your crew for the level of professionalism that you bring to the work site.  You set the bar pretty high for the rest of the contractors we work with."

Louis E. Bergdoll
Project Manager
Hospital Facilities
Kennedy Health
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